Greetings, Hail and Welcome to the Circle!

Inkubus Sukkubus are a very strongly Pagan band. While the rest of this site is mainly about the band and their music, this section, "The Circle", is specifically about the Pagan aspects, based on my own "eclictic solitary Wiccan" beliefs, and their interaction and development through the band's music. I first came to Wicca in the same year I first heard the band, 1995, and while Inkubus Sukkubus were not responsible for my "conversion", the power and passion of their work has accompanied me on my personal journey ever since.

What is Paganism? That's a very large subject, but a rough outline can be found on the Basic Beliefs page. There are also links to several Pagan and Wiccan resource sites on the links page, including a very detailed overview of Paganism from

The Greater Festivals

I've started putting together some basic outlines of each of the greater festivals / sabbats, with notes on their meaning, an outline ritual, and snippets of appropriate Inkubus Sukkubus song lyrics. Feel free to use any of these for creating your own celebrations. Click on any of the greater festivals below to learn more.

Eventually these will be organised in a proper "Wheel Of The Year", for now they're just in a table though.

Beltaine Lammas
Brightening Darkening
Imbolc Samhain

The Horned God Chant

This gets asked about quite a lot, so for reference, here's the "Horned God Chant" from "Song To Pan". This is actually a very good way to invoke the Horned One in ritual

O great Horned God, Of ages past, 
Lord of the hunt, Lord of the dance, 
From that place, Where you lie slain, 
Come to me, Return again, 
Across the forests, The fields, The sands, 
Be once more, Upon this land. 

Oh great horned god, of times gone by, 
Lord of the earth, the sea and the sky, 
Lord of the forest, and of the glade, 
Be with us now, and for all our days, 
Herne, Cernunnos, Karnayna, Pan, 
Be once more upon this land...

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