Inkubus Sukkubus's first CD, released in the Summer of 1993. The original release started at the title track, the three extra songs which now preceed it having previously been released on an EP titled "Beltaine".


Midnight Queen


A simple, hauntingly beautiful track, featuring just Candia's voice backed by a gentle folk-like acoustic melody, Trinity is a celebration of the tripple-goddess in all three guises. I especially love the third verse:

The wisest of all is the Crone on the wane
The others are under your power
Tho' there's death behind both of your ebony gates
The gift of new life is your flower

Belladonna & Aconite

A thundering pile-driver of a track, this ode to the ancient witches' flying potion is still one of the high points of the band's live set, the galloping tripple-beat invariably sets everyone dancing, there is a superb, wild, almost heavy-metal style guitar solo from Tony, and the high-speed ending chant, "hemlock henbane aconite, belladonna, opium thorn-apple cinqfoil, mandragora" rounds it off nicely. This was the first track on the original 11-track version of the album.

Soul Inside

Song Of The Siren



The ultimate love-song. I defy anyone to properly listen to this song and not be moved. The raw lyrics on their own don't really convey the incredible emotional kick delivered by the wonderful orchestration and lovely tune - you really do have to hear it to fully understand.

Fall with me into the deepest ocean
And let our bodies drown in pure emotion
I feel that I'm immortal by your side
We'll live this life and then we'll live another
For all of time I hope you'll be my lover
We'll be as one long after we've died


All The Devil's Men

A raw, all-out, no-holds-barred attack on the evils perpetrated in the name of the power of the Christian church. When I first heard this song I actually thought it was a rough-cut for "Church Of Madness" from Wytches, though I later found out that track was written first. It's a wild stomper of a track, all fire and fury, and great fun to dance to.

All the Devil's Men
If they can't burn you at the stake
Then your children they will take
Will the malice of their lies
They are here to defile
To destroy all our lives
What they do, they do for Christ
And we are all the victims
Every man, woman and child

I am the One

Old Hornie



Without a doubt, "Samhain" is one of modern Paganism's great anthems. Steeped in the mystery of the greatest of the ancient fire festivals, this song should endure long after all of us have passed on with the turning of the wheel.

And the fires shall burn
And the wheel of life shall turn
And the dead come back home on Samhain

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