Originally released on cassette, this album features many of the band's early tracks, including "early versions" of songs that appear in diffent forms on later albums. Now available on CD, and well worth getting hold of.

Full track listing:

I . Beltaine
II. Wytches
III. Pagan Born
IV. Song to Pan
V. Goblin Jig
VI. Midnight Queen
VII. Trinity
VIII. I am the One
IX. Vampyre Kiss
X. Wytches II
XI. In Defence
XII. Burning Times
XIII. The Leveller
XIV. Church of Madness
XV. Wytches (chant)

While somne of these are also available on other albums, these versions have a very different sound, giving an insight into how the band got to where they are today. The original material on this album is good too - my own favourite is "Vampyre Kiss", plus of course the everyoung Wytches chant, here in it's original form.

"Beltaine" reviewd by Jack (, Samhain, 2000.

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