Deeper and Darker than Wytches, with "Heartbeat" Inkubus Sukkubus moved back towards their gothic roots.

Heartbeat of the Earth

The album opens with the hypnotic bodhran beat of the intro to its title track, a deep, driving chant that calls the listener back to nature and the mysteries of the earth.

Can you hear the heartbeat of the Earth?
Can you hear the heartbeat of the Earth?
The rythym comes and the rythym goes
The river ebbs and the river flows
Can you hear the heartbeat of the Earth?

Young Lovers

Love and Sorrow come next, in "Young Lovers", which moves from the betrayal of youth to the tombstones of the graveyard.

In a field of marble stones
Lie one long dead lover's bones
Forgotten, dead and gone.
Sorrow's tale is on her lips
The icy blade where love once kissed
The blood runs cold inside

Welcome To The Underworld

"Underworld", with its driving beat, is a power-driven hymn to the ancient Egyptian guardians of the realms of the dead, and an invatation to journey to the Otherworld.

Welcome to the Underworld
Here thou shall be weighed for truth
Down in Subterrania
Far from the heat of Ra
Within the womb of Nut he lay
As thou within her bones shall stay
Welcome to thy Judgement Day
Down in the Underworld

Prince of Shadows

"Prince Of Shadows" is a dark and seductive prayer to ancient powers, or perhaps to the Vampire, in which the singer offers her very being in return for the rich life of an imortal lover.

My heart shall know of no other
Within your arms I feel strangely sereene
All those lives you've seen rise, mature and die
Who else could say that they've seen the sights you've seen
The world shall show us such wonders
I'll cast my net into the sea of dreams
And so my love, I'll give you my life blood
And disregard the hollow life that's been.

After these four, the mood lightens, and the band turn out yet more of the "pagan anthems" for which they are famous.

Craft Of The Wise

"Craft of The Wise" is an upbeat song of the Wheel,

The forests of the world are dying
but they shall be reborn
For the wind of change is coming
A'riding on the storm
And from the desolation
Is born the seed of hope
For the tyrants will fall, one and all
The wheel is ever spinning round

Corn King

While "Corn King" invokes Autumn, and the year turning towards Samhain - a popular theme for pagan imagery.

The King, the Corn are born to fall
And all must die in sacrifice
Underneath the Harvest Moon
Hide your pride, let time decide
Who must live and who must die
Underneath the Harvest Moon

Witch Hunt

Then comes the enigmatic "Witch Hunt", a breathless first person tale of flight from terror in the darkness, with the pursuers just a breath behind.

Fly sister, fly
Into the dark night that loves you
Into the darkness
Let not their eyes catch your shining

To be continued...

Fire Of Love

Song For Our Age

Intercourse with The Vampire


Soft and gentle, this beautiful song conjours up visions of a moonlit ocean gently lapping at a faraway shore, and of a wild-haired free spirit dancing through the surf...


This is a reprise of the song first heard on "Wytches", however to my ears this version is the better of the two - more kick and more power, and with the rough edges tidied up and locked down. Probably one of the Inkies heaviest songs - great to headbang to!

The rage of unloved wives would seal this beauty's fate,
Many years of fading looks brought bitterness and hatre,
A man of God must ensure justice will be done,
For Satan dwells within the black heart of this one!

Take My Hunger

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