Not a full review, so far covers the three tracks Adam sent me before the launch plus "Jaegermeister", more to follow in time.

Lilly Bolane

I totally love the "organ and Candia" chorus on Lilly, that mixing with the main section, in totally traditional IS guitar and bass plus sequencer backing style, turns a good song into an utterly outstanding one. I suspect this will go on to become something of a live classic, assuming it's in the set.

She Is Gone

She is Gone harks back to long-ago "Gypsy Lament" from Wytches, with a similar feel but somehow a richer backing. You definetly get the melancholy of those left to struggle on in this life, rather than the determination and devotion to death of "We Belong". IS don't do these more acoustic sounding tracks that often, but when they do they invariably produce a classic track.

I Can't Get You Out Of My Head - cover of a Kylie Minogue track

I Can't Get You Out Of My Head opens like a soundtrack, with plucked strings and a bell tolling, then like Supernature it builds up in layers until the main theme is reached. I've never heard the original, not being a big Kylie fan (well, there are certain things you just do not hear at Goth nights!), but I like the track. I didn't get totally into it on first listening, but after playing it twice it started to grow on me, especailly as I began to pick out the deeper instrumentation. Needless to say Tony has done an excellent job of building up the background, and the song itself is just perfect for Candia's voice. Can anyone tell me if the references to the "cloak of death" are in the Kylie version, or have IS reworked it rather than just covering it?

Overall, they've topped Supernature if these tracks are representative of the rest of the album. Absolutely superb!


The band have been known to be fans of this most peculiar of Germanic tipples for many years, witness the "JagerMonster" placards presented by Hazel the Sex Goddess at at least one gig, but we never expected them to actually write a song about it! It opens traditionally enough with organ chords, quickly joined by Tony's guitar and some verh heavy bass (when played live, two bass players are usually required!), and then Candia starts to sing and we quickly learn just how deadly the sacred liquid gold really is.

"And in your hand,
the promised land,
the universe at your command,
to ecstasay, and dispair,
Jaegermeister will take you there!"

Now, where's my bottle gone...?

The Beast With Two Backs

The eagerly-awaited ninth studio album from Inkubus Sukkubus. Launched in time for the Whitby Gothic Weekend 10th aniversary event at the end of October 2003. Now available from Resurrection Records in Camden, or by mail order, or from your local specialist Gothic record store.

"The Beast With Two Backs" review by Jack (, being added to bit by bit!