The Goat

The band's sixteenth album release, and very much a creature of oiled hooves and wild surprises!

Track Listing

i. The Goat
ii. Sweet Fallen Angel
iii. Gone
iv. Two-Penny Whore
v. Forever
vi. Rites Of Pan
vii. Pagan Born (Acoustic)
viii. Fire & Ice
ix. Breath of Wanting
x. Melancholy Blue

Wow! The band surprised many people with the high quality of "The Dark Goddess", setting a high bar indeed, but they've matched it!

The album opens strongly with the title track, which is needless to say a great thundering hymn to the Horned God.

A subtler mood takes over for Sweet Fallen Angel and Gone, and then we're back to the grim urban landscapes of "Wild!" and "The Beat With Two Backs" for Two-Penny Whore. Then it's back to gentle mood for Forever, a soft lament for youth lost to death.

Rites of Pan gets the beat pounding again, a real circle-dancer and very catchy with it!

Round and round the faery glade
round and round they spin
Some in wool, some in hemp, some in fur and skin
What a sight would meet your eye
should you stumble near
cast your cares upon the wind, join them in their sin!

Next is a brilliant acoustic version of one of the band's greatest tracks, Pagan Born from 1994's "Wytches". Fire & Ice is another insanely catchy pagan love song, dancing like stormwinds through the late Summer sky, and then we slow down again for the haunting Breath Of Wanting, pizzicato strings and Candia's husky tones singing a lament - or is it an anticipation - for the touch of...

And then the album ends with the utterly breathtaking Melancholy Blue, truly this album saves the very best for very last - buy a copy and listen carefully, it's a record that deserves and benefits from proper attentive listening.

Fantastic work!

'The Goat' reviewed by Pyromancer, two weeks past Samhain, 2011.

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