Vampire Erotica

The band's fourth CD, which includes their amazing version of the old Rolling Stones classic "Paint It Black".

Track Listing

i. heart of lilith
ii. woman to hare
iii. hail the holly king
iv. wake of the christian knights
v. paint it black
vi. all along the crooked way
vii. the witch of berkeley
viii. danse vampyr
ix. vampyre erotica
x. wild hunt
xi. sweet morpheus
xii. hell-fire
xiii. whore of babylon

The album opens strongly - from the moment the opening bars of 'Heart Of Lilith' come blasting from the speakers until the fading notes of 'Paint it Black' the first five tracks drag you along in a frenzy of music.

At long last, Midwinter's Night, the great solar feast of Yule, gets an Inkies song to itself, in the form of what could be called the first Pagan carol, 'Hail The Holly King'. This is a catchy tune, with memorable lyrics,

In the whiskey and in the wine
He is here this yule-tide time
A-dancing in the home-fire flames
A-dancing, singing, playing games
When the prayers are to the East
He is with us at the feast
His crown is nailed to the door
He is with us evermore!

Wake of the Christian Knights is another church-basher in the 'Church Of Madness' tradition (see 'Wytches'), though not quite as strong as Belladonna & Aconite's 'All The Devil's Men', yet with a simmilar feel, and interesting lyrics.

Many bands have recorded cover versions of the old Rolling Stones classic 'Paint It Black' over the years, unusually almost all the cover versions are better than the original, for many the 'standard' version being the one recorded by legendary USA rockers WASP, in the mid 1980s. And then Inkubus Sukkubus recorded it, and managed to blow away every other version I've ever heard! Wild exageration? Try the test - listen to each version back to back - this is the best one yet recorded, in this reviewer's opinion.

After 'Paint It Black' the album changes gear, all-out goth rock giving way to a softer, deeper, dark-gothic mood. First comes 'All Along The Crooked Way' with it's tale of woman's guile corrupting and destroying youthful love, then the story of 'The Witch Of Berkeley', followed by the etherially instrumental 'Danse Vampyr'.

With the title track, 'Vampyre Erotica', the darkside beat picks up again:

I can't feed my hunger
Your youth makes me younger
I'll hurt you, desert you
Turn your dreams to nightmares
I'll cheat you, I'll eat you
I'll maim you, I'll drain you
Come to me, come to me
To the dark side where love sleeps.

To be continued...

'Vampyre Erotica' reviewed by Pyromancer, two weeks shy of Imbolc, 2001.

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